The Situation

A patient from a long term care facility expired due to pneumonia type symptoms. After analysis it was determined the cause of death was complications related to Legionnaires Disease. The facility was immediately restricted from using any facility water by local officials and word rapidly spread to media outlets. The facility was in dire need of expertise to determine their culpability and next course of action.

The Solution

GWT was engaged and quickly assembled a water management team to execute a ASHRAE Standard 188 Compliant Water Management Program. This allowed for strategic sampling of domestic and utility water. Once samples were collected, preemptive remediation and disinfection procedures were executed at the request of facility management.

The Results


The quick assembling of a water management team and execution of a water management program allowed for strategic testing which revealed no trace of biological contamination in the facility. Results were submitted to local officials and restrictions were lifted, allowing for normal operation. The facility now continues to execute a water management program on both utility and domestic water to eliminate any chance of future operational disruption. This approach paid dividends to the facility when another patient expired due to Legionnaires Disease. Due to proper documentation and execution of their ASHRAE 188 Water Management Program local officials quickly dismissed their facility as a source.

  •  Brand protection
  • Liability reduction
  • Risk reduction
  • Emergency response
  •  Domestic and process water disinfection
  • CDC Elite Laboratory biological analysis
  • Development of ASHRAE 188 Compliant WMP

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