Point of Use Legionella Filtration by AquaMedix™ from GWT

Most the municipal water people use every day is treated and delivered by decades old distribution systems and water treatment plants. Most facility managers are unaware that the water coming out of taps and shower heads can contain a broad range of unknown contaminants, including possible waterborne pathogens. The focus of the CleanSpray® shower filters, faucet filters, inline filters, and other AquaMedix™ filtration systems are places we visit and stay such as medical centers, adult care facilities, schools, hotels, resorts, spas and health clubs. The biofilm that builds up inside the pipes of a potable water plumbing system is a perfect breeding ground for the chlorine resistant bacteria in municipal water.

Point of use (POU) filtration can provide an immediate barrier at the last point before contaminated water makes contact with immunocompromised patients and other people at higher risk of infection without the need for chemicals. POU filters also reduce endotoxins, fungi, protozoa and viruses in water.

The membranes in AquaMedix™ Point of Use Filters (POU) have been used in Europe for over 12 years to help control waterborne bacteria like Legionella pneumophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Aspergillus brasiliensis (A. niger) in potable water systems promoting water hygiene without the need for chemicals.

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  • Shower Filters, Shower Handheld Filters, Faucet Filters, and Replacement Filters
  • CleanSpray® and Baclyser®

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