Treatment of closed hot and chilled water loops is essential for the proper maintenance of heating, cooling, and piping systems.

Closed system water treatments aim to address the following:

  • Corrosion control
  • Scale/deposit build up
  • Biological control
  • Freeze Protection
  • System Cleanings

Closed Loop Water Treatments

GWT-Inc offers a variety of treatment solutions for these systems. Our treatments are formulated using industry standard chemical formulations and blends.

General Information
  • Any water treatment plan for closed systems should be evaluated by corrosion coupon monitoring.
  • Periodic biological testing should be required for all closed systems.
  • Side stream filtration is essential to reduce erosion and increase system efficiency.
Corrosion, scale, and deposit build up control
  • Achieved through nitrite, molybdenum, or organo phosphonate based treatments. All of our formulations include adequate amounts of azole for soft metal control and have pH balancing properties.
  • We also have custom blended formulations for aluminum boilers.
  • We have custom formulations to fit almost any system requirement.
Biological Control
  • Achieved through addition of biocides such as glutaraldehyde, bellacide 355 or another proven bacteria killers.
  • In at high risk systems we recommend an annual system cleaning or dose of biocide.
Freeze Protection
  • Achieved through ethylene or propylene glycol depending on system requirements and discharge regulations.
  • Our glycols come in any percent mixture with or without inhibitors.
  • We also offer greenER alternatives to the standard glycols on the market.
System Cleanings
  • Achieved through mild cleaning compounds which penetrate deposit build up and scale on heat transfer surfaces.

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