Cooling tower cleaning services prevent the accumulation of sediment in your systems low flow areas. Seasonal cooling tower cleaning services and disinfection are the minimum standard according to ASHRE and CTI. Particulate within your system acts as a seed for biofilm growth which can prevent the entrance of biocides; increasing the risk of pathogen exposure and greatly reducing your cooling tower efficiency.

Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

Cooling Tower Cleaning Services

  • Disinfection via oxidizing biocide that helps to prevent legionella
  • Deep brushing and sweeping of all physical surfaces
  • Rigorous power washing (low pressure) of all surfaces to remove contaminants
  • Waste material properly removed from facility
  • Exit summary report including before and after pictures of your cooling tower services
On-line Disinfection of Evaporative Cooling System
  • Procedures comply with CDC and CTI protocol for on-line disinfection of evaporative cooling systems using free chlorine
  • Dispersant and oxidizing biocide
  • Application and oversight labor to complete online disinfection
  • Close out report with summary and water quality reports
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