Global Water Technology places the highest emphasis on training and education. Please contact our team to discuss local on-site, classroom, or seminar opportunities. The below pages are intended to show a birds eye view into some areas of water treatment.


Steam Boiler Treatment

Learn the basics of steam boiler treatment.


Cooling Tower Treatment 101

Learn the basics of cooling tower water treatment.


Closed System Treatment 101

Learn the basics of closed system treatment.

Legionella Testing Company

Legionella Bacteria

Gain an understand of the history, dangers, and preventative legionella water management plans.


What are Corrosion Coupons?

Understand the importance and value of using corrosion coupons in process water systems.


GHS & Safety Data Sheets 101

Fully understand the recent change from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and GHS compliance.


Glycol and Process Water Freeze Protection

Know the basics, like the propylene glycol freezing point, and keep your systems from freezing or bursting in extreme temperatures.


Condensate Drain Pan Treatment 101

Are you treating your condensate drip pans? If not, read to understand the importance of this basic preventative maintenance product.


Evaluating a Water Treatment Proposal

Comparing water treatment proposals can be overwhelming. Know what to look for when evaluating competitive water treatment bids.