Spill containment is recommended for facilities to meet industry standard chemical storage and safety guidelines.

It is standard to contain hazardous chemistry over 5 gallons and in use by feed pumps. Spill containment can be met with the use of spill trays/decks, dual walled tanks, or alternative treatment methods. Apex Drumless Treatment Program is an ideal solution for facilities with space, storage, and transportation concerns. This approach will not only meet spill containment standards but also reduce and eliminate chemical handling by operation staffs which can reducing liability associated with chemical handling.

Industry standard liquid treatments have 20-30% active ingredients, meaning a majority of the compound is water. This increases the weight of the treatment, shipping requirements, and handling by facility operators to hazardous chemistry. Alternatively, we have formulated chemistry that eliminates the need for large mixtures of water to balance the formula. Tied to modern dispensers and feed controls, this translates into a case of 4 x 1 (8#) gallon jugs being the equivalent to 1 – 55 (500-600#) gallon drum. The existing feed and control equipment will work when coupled with our dispensers.

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