Global Water Technology, Inc. provides treatments across every aspect of water treatment continually or on an as-needed basis. Below are some as-needed products offered.



For more than 75 years, RYDLYME biodegradable descaler has been used to safely and efficiently dissolve tough mineral deposits, such as water scale, lime scale, calcium, rust and even struvite.

This revolutionary descaler is fortified with complex formula of wetting and penetrating agents that dissolve mineral deposits into solution for quick and easy disposal.

Successfully used on the following systems:

  • Steam boilers
  • Chillers
  • Condensers
  • Cooling towers
  • Heat treating
  • Plastics
  • Pulp & paper
  • Tire & rubber
  • More
Reverse Osmosis Treatments

Reverse Osmosis Anti-Scalant Pre-Treatment
All reverse osmosis feed waters are different. Thus, membranes are at risk for different types of deposit formation. GWTcan provide the correct anti-scalant for any source water. GWT pre-treatment anti-scalants are specifically formulated to address the following types of deposit formation: calcium carbonate, silica, calcium sulphate (gypsum), calcium phosphate, magnesium hydroxide, barium sulphate, and strontium sulphate

Reverse Osmosis Oxidant Pre-Treatment
Reverse osmosis systems can be at risk for oxidant fouling due to oxidants in source water. GWT provides oxidant scavenger treatments and equipment such as sodium (meta)bisulfite or granulated activated carbon to address such concerns.

Reverse Osmosis Biological Pre-Treatment
Reverse osmosis systems are at risk for biological fouling if proper treatments and precautions are not taken. Through chlorination, filtration, and other resources GWT can provide a solution to maintain efficiency, protect equipment, and reduce down time.

CIP – Clean-In-Place Treatments
To reduce reverse osmosis membrane fouling a standard clean in place program using the appropriate treatments is recommended. GWT produces a vast array of CIP products including high pH and low pH cleaners and biological disinfectants.

Drip Pan Treatment

GWT Condensate Drain Pan Treatment Options:

Miscellaneous Treatment Products

Anti-Clog #1:

Anti-Clog #1 is a timed-release biocide product that sits weighted in the condensate drip pans of HVAC units, coolers and freezers, etc.

Anti-Clog #1 works for three months, eliminating bacteria and slime that lead to health, maintenance, and performance problems

Anti-Clog #1 is EPA-Registered, lab-tested, and proven to kill 99% of Legionella bacteria (cause of Legionnaire’s Disease).

Anti-Clog #1 is a unique biocide mixture embedded in a wax matrix, covered with a non-woven filter pad, and is weighted to submerge and stay stationary in drip pans.

Away Chemical Pan Gels & Tabs:

Away Chemical is a long time manufacturer of A/C drain protection products and offers a large selection of EPA registered, odor and drain problem treatments.

  • Pan-Gel: Geltabs
  • Chem-tab: The original pan tablet
  • Chem-tab 180: Tablets with 180 day protection
  • Clogg-Away: Tablets for 90 Daypan protection
  • Aer-O-Matic: Air conditioner treatment strips
  • Pan-Clear: General Purpose A/C Drain Pan Tablets
  • Value-Tab: Concentrated one ton A/C tablets
  • Evap-O-Matic: Tablet for evaporative cooler
  • Humi-Tabs: Tablet Treatment for Humidifiers
  • Pan Bar Gold: Pan Strip Treatment
Miscellaneous Treatment Products
Grease Trap, Drain, and Ejector Pit Treatments

Ejector pits are used to collect and pump out liquids and solids from a facility to the main sewer or septic line. GWT has pioneered automated chemical feed systems to keep drain and ejector pits and grease traps clean and deodorized. A consistent application of the right chemistry can reduce odor complaints, increase longevity of pump equipment, and even reduce the need of pump outs.

Maximizer DT Pro 

  • Maximizer DT Pro is an environmentally friendly drain cleaner used to remove organic material from drains, septic tanks and grease traps. This custom formulated blend of naturally occurring bacteria and enzymes surpasses any liquid product on the market today.
    • It biodegrades organic buildup
    • It is safe and economical
    • It contains no soap or chemicals
    • It is not caustic or acidic
    • Designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications
  • Maximizer DT Pro is formulated with the safest ingredients available in order to protect the environment and our families.
  • Maximizer DT Pro is an industrial strength liquid that requires no premixing. It’s unique blend of “fast acting” Class 1 organisms biodegrade waste onsite! Stabilizers in the product prevent it from becoming active until it is put into the waste stream. Once entered into the stream, bacteria and enzymes breakdown the waste and convert it into carbon dioxide, water and mineral ash.
  • It dramatically reduces waste buildup in grease traps, lift stations, drain lines,s and septic systems. It’s safe for all types of plumbing and the environment
  • This industrial strength product contains millions of microorganisms that will degrade the (F.O.G.) fats, oils, and grease in commercial kitchens and restaurants grease traps. It’s non-hazardous, non-flammable and non-corrosive. Regular application prevents foul smelling back-ups and system failures!
    • Keeps drain lines clean
    • Controls noxious odors
    • Greatly reduces drain backups
    • Reduces costly business downtime
    • Reduces operational costs
    • Improves regulatory compliance
    • Poses no danger to restaurant staff
Freeze and Burst Protection

Propylene Glycol

  • Propylene glycol is a low toxicity freeze point depression fluid used in a wide array of commercial and industrial processes. GWT provides clients with concentrated or pre-blended glycol mixtures to meet each system’s specification for boiling, freeze, and/or burst protection.
  • Propylene glycol typically can be safely drained to sewer.
  • Propylene glycol should be used in applications where incidental contact with drinking water is possible.
  • Propylene glycol can be used in food processing applications unless the process has been specifically designed for safely using Ethylene Glycol.
  • Corrosion control agents can be added to formulation to eliminate corrosion of system metals.

Ethylene Glycol

  • Ethylene glycol is a high efficiency freeze point depression fluid. GWT provides clients with concentrated or pre-blended glycol mixtures to meet each system’s specification for boiling, freeze, and/or burst protection.
  • Ethylene glycol can not be drained to sewers and typically must be contained and disposed of off site.
  • Ethylene glycol can offer superior heat transfer efficiency due to the lower viscosity of solutions.
  • Ethylene glycol offers lower power consumption for -recirculation pumps and lower minimum operating temperature.
  • Ethylene glycol should not be used in applications where incidental contact with drinking water is possible or in food processing applications unless the process has been specifically designed for safely using it.
  • Corrosion control agents can be added to formulation to eliminate corrosion of system metals.

Potassium Formate Heat Transfer Fluid

  • Potassium Formate is a water based low temperature heat transfer fluid engineered to deliver the excellent heat transfer performance in applications down to -58°F (-50°C). With the temperature range -50°C to +218°C, Potassium Formate  easily exceeds the performance of other water based chemistries such as glycol /water mixtures, calcium chloride/water as well as hydrocarbon and silicone based fluids. The fluid comes in five concentrations and is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable. Custom formulations are available upon request.
  • Potassium Formate heat transfer fluid is an excellent alternative to calcium chloride and other brine solutions because it demonstrates a higher thermal efficiency and lower corrosion rate. This fluid, as compared to other glycols, calcium chloride, and other brine solutions, should lower the leak and spillage rate, and reduce maintenance and repair costs on refrigerated systems. This is due to the use of “safe” chemistries resulting in a high level of corrosion inhibition. The viscosity of calcium chloride solutions is also noticeably higher than Potassium Formate heat transfer fluid, which in turn makes it a more thermally efficient solution.
  • Advantages include:
    • 100% Biodegradable
    • Non-toxic
    • Non-Flammable
    • Aqueous-based
    • Superior heat transfer
    • Attractive alternative to glycols and brines

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