The Situation

A growing plastic portion packing manufacturer experienced production disruption due to excessive corrosion damage and scale build up in their production lines. Downtime began effecting plant profitability leading to a search for immediate solution to water related issues.

The Solution

GWT engineers conducted laboratory analysis of system water, source water, and completed an in-depth survey. After thorough evaluation the issue was tagged to the high impurity source water and improper treatment for the type of source water. GWT engineered a solution that included de-chlorination, water softeners, a reverse osmosis unit, filtration systems, modernization of feed and control equipment, and a weekly service program by experienced GWT service technicians.

The Results


The GWT engineered pre-treatment system produces high purity water with appropriate blending to maximize water usage, minimize corrosion, and reduce scaling. Coupled with web-based monitoring, regular cooling tower cleaning services & continual operator training, the plant has experienced validated low corrosion rates and no unplanned shut downs due to water treatment.

  • Engineering of a pre-treatment system to pair with their established cooling tower water treatment
  • Installation and oversight of pre-treatment system
  • Implementation of overall water management program and development of corporate water treatment standards
  • Maximization of water usage
  • Reduction of mild steel and copper corrosion rates to industry acceptable levels
  • Elimination of unplanned shut downs which reduced production
  • Operator training
  • 24/7/365 On-line monitoring

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