The Situation

One of North America’s largest manufacturers in their industry began experiencing compliance and treatment issues related to their waste water. Previously waste was stored in holding tanks, treated in batches during plant shut downs, and waste hauled away. Due to changing operations, increase in production, and diversification of production, the Environmental Protection Agency mandated the implementation of a more robust treatment approach.

The Solution

GWT assembled a team of experts to analyze the operating conditions and develop a comprehensive approach to economically avoid plant closure the next year which included the construction of a supplemental waste treatment plant on-site. The treatment plant design was approved by regulatory agencies and construction was accomplished quickly and economically.

The Results


GWT continues to aid the facility through weekly on-site service, environmental consulting services, and necessary wastewater treatment service products and equipment. To date the facility has not been out of compliance since initiation of their new waste treatment plant.

  • EPA and regulatory compliance
  • Avoidance of plant closure
  • Environmental protection
  • Operator training
  • Economical plant construction
  • On-going consulting and on-site oversight

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