The Situation

One of the United States’ largest school districts aimed to standardize facility management of their vast network of facilities. One portion included standardizing and modernizing their water treatment program. Systems included cooling towers, high and low pressure steam boilers, and many closed loops. Many systems ran on outlet timers and relied heavily on manual operator chemical application.

The Solution

GWT was selected as the full service water management partner. GWT drew from our successes servicing and implementing similar systems on a smaller scale. The program selected included customized chemistry which would help minimize boiler blow down, chemical feed automation, data tracking and benchmarking.

The Results


Today, the program has allowed for a safer, more efficient approach to water treatment.

  • On-site and classroom training
  • Customization of chemistry
  • Development of unique containment units to facilitate safe wastewater treatment services in schools
  • Reduction of necessity to blow down steam boilers and waste treated/heated water
  • Implementation of proactive legionella water management plans in cooling systems
  • Standardization of equipment, operator testing, and treatments

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