The chemical treatment and management of large volume re-circulating and once-through cooling systems in the power industry are very labor and resource heavy programs. Due to the extreme cost of many of these programs, it is the desire of chemistry and plant management to do what they can to accurately monitor and control various water column residuals. This is done to ensure water chemistry is being used at its most efficient levels, and that all environmental parameters are controlled. 

The use of Mexel 432/0 in the power industry drastically changes this. Because of the unique dosage and treatment concepts of this revolutionary program, the labor-intensive methods being utilized today can be minimized.  

Mexel 432/0 provides protection of the critical system heat exchange surfaces, in particular, condenser cooling, by forming a barrier between the surfaces of that heat exchanger and the water itself. Because we are protecting the system from the water, the quality of the water column is no longer as critical and thus, requires less management of those parameters. 

The unique feed regimen of Mexel 432/0 simplifies the typical multi-parameter chemistry program. With one product fed daily based on the flow of the system circulation, Mexel 432/0 provides the necessary treatment for scale, corrosion, micro and macro fouling, and biological control.  The environmental impact of Mexel 432/0 is minimal and has seen multiple NPDES discharge applications approved. This is due to the sub-lethal dosages required to provide necessary biological control. Mexel  432/0 does not need to be deactivated post-treatment for surface water discharge.

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