Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion monitoring can save thousands in repair costs. Without proper corrosion monitoring, operators virtually run blind and problems can only be diagnosed when they are noticeable and the damage has already been done.

What We Can Do For You
  • Build Analysis Into Treatment Service Contracts
  • Provide Analytical Plans as Needed
  • Suggested 90 Day Coupon Exchange Rate
  • Offer Semi-Annual and Annual Options as Well
  • Provide Reports and Corrective Action Plan
  • Help Gain Insight Into System’s Internal Condition
What Are Corrosion Coupons?

Corrosion coupons are metal samples installed in coupon racks for a set time period. Pre-installation attributes are recorded and compared to the post installation attributes. Results reveal rate of corrosion and reflect the system’s protection level.

Corrosion coupons are the best way to ensure your provider and chemical treatment program are working to properly protect your system. Coupons should be analyzed quarterly during months of operation and reviewed with operations staff.

Why Install a Coupon Rack?

Coupon racks should be installed on all applicable systems to gauge the effectiveness of the chemical treatment program. The coupon rack allows us to put a metal sample in the system water, remove it after 90 days, and take it to a third party laboratory for weight analysis to see the corrosion rate. This is the best way to get an accurate reading of corrosion levels in closed systems and help to make adjustments to the chemical program to best protect the systems. We recommend coupon testing quarterly on each system during months of operation.

  • Identify Problems Promptly
  • Document System Corrosion Levels
  • Verify Treatment Effectiveness
  • Save Thousands in Repair Costs
  • GWT provides us with reliable & dependable monthly service. After choosing Global a year ago, our HW/CW chemical readings have been the most consistent out of the last 3 water treaters. GWT is in my budget and are very nice people to work with.

    Jim Facility Director of Engineering at a North Chicago Hospital
  • I have been a Global customer for many years. When the warranty period expired on our new office building I sought out water treatment companies to service the equipment. Global’s pricing, products, and service have kept me a customer since. As for performance, our cooling towers and chillers’ tubes look like new and have had no corrosion or scale issues.

    Pat Chief Engineer, Downtown Commercial Office Building
  • GWT is all about customer service, if we have any issues with one of many different water loops throughout the building we call our service technician and he is there to assist.  The chemical treatment portion of our annual HVAC budget can be costly. GWT works within our budget parameters and designed a cost effective program tailored for our building.

    Scott Chief Engineer Commercial Office Building
  • Global Water is great! Prices can’t be beat. Can’t believe they don’t have the entire city of Chicago! They help me manage my entire Chicago portfolio. From helping me deal with projects at individual properties to developing cross property strategies, Global always has an answer that helps me meet my bottom line.

    Jim Director of Operations, Large Commercial Real Estate Management Company
  • GWT is a great vendor and I would recommend them without hesitation. Economics are in line and even below average considering the work produced. They go over and above in customer service and attention to detail. Service on site has even contacted me when they noticed something within the building that needed my attention.

    Pam Property Manager, Suburban Commercial Property
  • I chose Global Water Technology for their outstanding customer service, knowledgeable staff and fair pricing. They are always there whenever I need them.

    Tim Chief Engineer, Large Suburban Hotel
  • I have had a long standing relationship with Global.  They have always been proactive and I have enjoyed their level of professionalism.  They have experienced technicians with excellent work ethic and communication skills.  They have really adapted well to the way we like to do business.

    Andy Chief Engineer at a Large Chicago University
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