Global Water Technology, Inc. Acquires Skasol Incorporated

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South Holland, Illinois, USA, January 4th, 2021– Global Water Technology, Inc. (GWT), an industry leader in water and wastewater treatment solutions, announced the acquisition of SKASOL Incorporated (SKASOL), an Oakland, California based water treatment company and the second California based addition to the GWT portfolio.

As a staple water treatment service provider based in the West Coast, SKASOL fits well into GWT’s national expansion strategy. The acquisition brings GWT’s customer-focused approach and expertise even further into the region and builds upon prior investments including the May 2020 acquisition of Fremont, California based WaterTech Specialties, Inc. (WTS) and the Fall 2019 opening of a Southwest territory and terminal based in Phoenix, Arizona.

“GWT’s reputation for superior, customer-focused service while creating cost effective, resource saving, and equipment preserving strategies has allowed for continued growth and expansion throughout the United States across a wide variety of industries,” stated Michael Byerley, President and CEO of Global Water Technology. “These strategies and services align seamlessly with SKASOL’s mission of providing customized water treatment programs for all customers based on their specific needs by taking the time to get to know each company and discuss solutions based on individual need.  Indeed, the synergies of product offerings and staff between GWT and SKASOL will significantly enhance our opportunities to serve our customers.”

Founded in 1927 as a water treatment product manufacturer and service company, SKASOL has always strived to provide a unique level of personalized service and dedication not found in the industry. The focus and philosophy of SKASOL has been to provide their customers with cost effective results oriented technical field service. It is this reputation for superior service and solutions that made SKASOL an ideal partner to continue GWT’s Western expansion.

This acquisition will further GWT’s reach across the United States while simultaneously expanding SKASOL’s product offerings to existing clients to include:

  • ASHRAE Standard 188 Compliant Water Management Programs
  • Legionella testing and remediation services
  • Cooling tower cleaning services
  • GWT Support Services along with GWT’s equipment, engineering, and installation division
  • GWT Reports – GWT’s cloud-based reporting and data management software
  • GWT Academy – GWT’s internal and client education/training arm
  • Waste water treatment products and services: coagulants, polymers, dry polymer, equipment, engineering & design services, on-site technical support, and environmental consulting
  • Environmental Consulting – Air emission testing, discharge water permitting, and general consulting
  • Unique Technologies – Mexel – Surface Treatment Technology
  • Chemical Reducing Treatment Solutions

For more information, please contact GWT at or 708-349-9991.


About Global Water Technology, Inc.: Global Water Technology, Inc. was founded in 1990 to meet a growing demand in the industry for personalized, affordable, and reliable water treatment services. The primary goal was to establish an honest and reputable company that management teams would be proud to partner with. As a result, GWT continues to build upon a strong reputation in the commercial, residential, industrial, hotel, and healthcare markets throughout the United States.

GWT’s reputation for superior service and creating cost effective, resource saving, and equipment preserving strategies has allowed for continued growth and expansion throughout the United States and across a wide variety of industries. Today, Global Water Technology, Inc. is one of the industry’s leaders in water and wastewater treatment.

For more detailed information about GWT, please visit our About Us page.

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