GWT Kicks Off 2019 With Winter Internal Training Summit

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Monday, January 14th, 2019 marked Global Water Technology’s (GWT) third Quarterly Internal Training Summit. The event brought together Global Water Technology’s staff across different geographies, industries, and organizational focus.

GWT’s Quarterly Internal Training Summit is a confirmation of the company’s commitment to the continuing education of all team members so that our technical representatives are armed with the most relevant, accurate, and state-of-the-art solutions to satisfy client needs.

This quarter’s topics included:

  • Professional Tower Cleanings
  • Industrial Coatings – Alternatives to Tower and Chiller Replacement
  • Advanced Glycol / Anti-Freeze Solutions
  • New Product Presentation – Oxi King – Tower Biocide
  • Intermediate and Advanced Training on, GWT’s cloud based reporting system
  • GWT Testathalon – An interactive event created to benchmark newer team members’ testing and water diagnosis acumen
  • GWT State of the Company
  • GWT 401K and Personal Investment Strategies

GWT’s own Brian Burgess, CWT, moderated the internal event.  Guest speakers and sponsors included:

  1. Northwestern Mutual and John Hancock Investments)
  2. Interstate Chemicals
  3. Enecon
  4. KleenAir
  5. OxiKing

GWT is also committed to providing clients and prospective clients with the educational tools to succeed in their facilities. Training ranges from beginner to advanced and can be on-site or at GWT’s training center.

For more information on training services by GWT contact your representative or call us at 708-349-9991.

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