GWT Product Release: OxiKing for Evaporative Cooling System Biological Control

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GWT has added Oxi-King to its line of cooling system biological control solutions.

Oxi-King Bromine Feed systems revolutionize the application of bromine and bromine side stream feeders.

Oxi-King Systems:

  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Saves time with pre-filled, no touch Oxi-King Brom Pacs.
  • Significantly reduces bromine dust.
  • Easier for employees to handle.
  • Sustainable water treatment solution.
  • Controls system fouling.
  • Quick, universal installation works with multiple applications.

Easy To Use: The Oxi-King feeder takes very little time to install and is designed to work on a variety of applications. It’s pre-filled bromine pacs are long lasting and very easy to replace when empty with no accidental spills or needing to measure out the right amount.

Easy to Handle: Oxi-King’s pacs are easily portable and take up less storage space than large bulk drums. This facility friendly system also offers less handling for the service tech by significantly reducing the weight they have to transport from truck to application.

Easy to Regulate: The Oxi-King feeder has an erosion design and a precise metering dial that limits how much bromine gets wet at one time which makes it much easier to maintain a consistent output. Ten unique settings and the option of bleeding the air for more output offer greater flexibility from a single system.

Reliable: We use only quality materials with exact workmanship and stand behind our Oxi-King products with knowledgeable customer service representatives that are always ready to help.

To view the Oxi-King Introduction video please click HERE.

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