Join GWT for Spring 2019 Water Treatment Training 101

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Come join GWT and learn about the fundamentals of cooling season water treatment at one of our three training sessions across the Midwest!

To reserve your spot at one of the available training locations, follow the links below:

Topics will include:

  • Cooling Tower Treatment Fundamentals (101)
    1. Operator Testing
    2. Troubleshooting
    3. Beyond Chemistry – How water treatment can reduce utility expenses and help go green!
    4. Health and Safety – Hazardous chemicals and Legionella bacteria
  • Closed Loop Fundamentals (101)
  • ASHRAE 188 WMP and Legionella Water Management
    1. What is Legionella bacteria and Legionellosis?
    2. How the disease is contracted and where it is found.
    3. Recent outbreaks and a comprehensive review of legislation passed recently.
    4. US vs. European and other regulations.
    5. Liability discussion for owners and property managers.
    6. ASHRAE Standard 188 – Meaning and responsibility.
    7. Steps to prevent an outbreak.

Refreshments will be provided! For more information please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email at or phone at 708-349-9991!

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