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GWT is excited to announce that Brian Burgess, CWT, has been promoted to Global Water Technology’s Director of Compliance and Education. As GWT’s growth continues to accelerate across the United States, the organization determined a need for a department focused on the following:

  1. The continuing education of GWT personnel with a customized learning approach.
  2. The investigation and adaptation of new technology that will aid in verification of field results and in the diagnosis and subsequent troubleshooting of complex water related issues.
  3. The development of client and industry professional’s water treatment knowledge and capabilities.

Concurrently, with the ever-changing regulatory environment surrounding biological control in building water systems, GWT saw a need for this position to also focus on regulatory and safety compliance.

Brian Burgess’ background and passion in this arena made him a natural fit for this new position. We are excited to be able to promote from within and see individuals such as Brian achieve new roles within our growing organization.

As Director of Compliance and Education, Brian is responsible for training and on-boarding new GWT technical field personnel. Brian organized and moderated GWT’s third Quarterly Internal Training Summit in January 2019 which showcased Brian’s innovative approach to learning. This included a testathalon for newer technical representatives where they were given several water samples and had to determine water characteristics and issues in the most efficient way possible.

In May, Brian will be speaking at a large healthcare organization’s annual engineering convention in Lexington, KY on the topic of Legionella control and regulatory compliance.

GWT values on going training and development of our team, clients, and partners. If your team would like to conduct a training seminar, please contact us via email at or phone at 708-349-9991.


Brian Burgess, CWT

Director of Compliance & Education

Brian joined GWT as an experienced Account Executive assigned to the City of Chicago and tasked with providing on-site management of water treatment programs across a wide variety of markets: higher education, commercial, healthcare, hospitality, laundry, and high-rise residential. Brian’s successful understanding of complex water related issues and hunger for growth quickly earned him the role of Territory Manager. As Territory Manager, Brian oversaw key accounts, developed ASHRAE 188 WMP programs, managed/on-boarded territory field reps, and worked on corporate wide developmental tasks. Brian now serves as GWT’s Director of Compliance & Education. Brian’s passion for education/training and expertise in the field of Legionella management have uniquely positioned him to provide clients with expert training, information, and services to ensure the consistent performance and regulatory compliance of all water treatment and water management programs.

In 2017, Brian achieved the Certified Water Technologist (CWT) certification, which is the Association of Water Technology’s (AWT) most prestigious certification. As a CWT, the industry is confident in Brian’s ability as a service provider, knowledge, ethics, and integrity in water technology.

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