GWT Launches GWT Academy – Water Treatment Education Initiative

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For years, GWT has been committed to furthering the water treatment knowledge of clients, facility service professionals, and our own staff. In 2018, GWT showcased this commitment with the May 2019 unveiling of our 50-seat training center in South Holland, IL. The second phase of our program is the formalization of our training and outreach program under the name GWT Academy.

The goal of GWT Academy will be to provide on-going water treatment related educational opportunities to employees and guests in a cohesive and targeted way. This will be achieved through the following:

  1. Semi-annual or quarterly regional educational summits focused on relevant industry topics
  2. Quarterly training summits hosted at GWT Academy physical location in South Holland, IL
  3. On-site training in mechanical rooms and/or classrooms offered to clients by GWT Academy personnel vs. traditional service/sales rep
  4. Periodic internal training sessions hosted in South Holland, IL for GWT personnel

GWT’s Brian Burgess, CWT, Director of Education and Compliance, led GWT Academy’s first session last Tuesday and Wednesday with an internal training session called “Water Quality Specialist Essentials.” A session targeted for employees who have been in the industry under two years. The topics focused on basic water chemistry, steam boiler treatment essentials, and equipment troubleshooting. Now, in addition to a three-month hands-on intensive training period, new water quality specialists get to spend time back in the classroom learning the very best way provide value to our clients.

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